Patience pays off: Parties finally agree on Agriculture!

ECO’s head is still spinning from all the hugging and selfies in the Agriculture negotiations yesterday. And it’s no wonder. After five years of frustrating negotiations, the Agriculture working group has finally come to an agreement and forwarded a major new decision to the COP. Congratulations, Parties!

The newly agreed joint work between SBSTA and SBI will finally let talk become action. Looking ahead, implementation is the name of the game.

ECO is as stunned and thrilled as you are. After years of procedural and political discussions, we’re looking forward to talking substance and taking action on the real issues facing agriculture in the face of climate change – in particular how agroecology can play a key role in adaptation, and how non-CO2 greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture can be reduced. We wish Parties the best of luck in this exciting new phase of Fiji’s legacy on Agriculture.