Bula! See you at the Talanoa!

In recognizing the need to urgently enhance the action, we at ECO, along with the Parties, are quite excited for the 2018 Talanoa Dialogue. There is nothing ECO loves more than a good dialogue, especially one that will help identify new opportunities for cooperation, collaboration, and action. ECO believes that the Talanoa Dialogue has something for everyone, answering questions about where we are in terms of current action and pledges, where we need to be to reach the global peaking of greenhouse gas emissions as soon as possible and a balance between emissions sources and removals by sinks in the second half of the century, and how to get there (solutions!). We believe the Dialogue has the potential to identify meaningful and timely ways for countries to accelerate climate action. There are significant opportunities to strengthen climate action in a way that can provide substantial economic and social benefits, equity, and help attain sustainable development objectives.


We need to collectively get on the trajectory for transformation and ECO looks forward to the Talanoa Dialogue delivering real change and action on the ground, both now and into the future. Enhanced action is crucial to avoid the worst impacts of climate change and support those most vulnerable., To do this we must aim for 1.5C. Part of the enhanced action to come out of the Dialogue will be the opportunity for all Parties to submit new or updated NDCs by 2020. This will be a key opportunity  to step up and go further and faster together. ECO hopes the Fijian and Polish Presidencies will deliver a strong outcome at COP24 that is forward looking, solutions-oriented and puts us on the pathway to a more prosperous future. ECO is ready to provide our stories of climate action in the Dialogue!