Indigenous Peoples Platform

ECO welcomes the open multi-stakeholder dialogue which takes place today and tomorrow to consider how to operationalize the local communities and indigenous peoples’ platform that was established by the Paris Agreement.


Indigenous peoples have vital contributions to make to climate change action. To ensure that these are shared, ECO encourages the local communities and indigenous peoples’ platform to strengthen recognition and inclusion of indigenous peoples’ knowledge and traditional knowledge in matters related to climate change. It should also enable indigenous peoples from all genders and regions of the world to participate fully and more meaningfully in the UNFCCC process; in line with their right to choose their own representatives. Parties should build on the experience of other intergovernmental fora that have established mechanisms ensuring that governance benefits from indigenous knowledge.


ECO calls on Parties to be bold and to create, through meaningful consultation, a robust local communities and indigenous peoples’ platform ensuring that indigenous knowledge can effectively guide the implementation of the Paris Agreement.




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  1. Blake Gentry says:

    Dear Indigenous Peoples Platform,

    We are requesting (see official announcement below) input of expertise into creating standards for climate change adaptation projects involving indigenous communities. The work of the Indigenous Peoples Platform is inspirational and exemplary in the efforts to safeguard indigenous communities undergoing climate change impacts. We would like to have you consider commenting on draft Standards for Indigenous Community Consultation for CC adaption projects as part of an adaptation project accreditation process. We especially interested in indigenous with regional area and biome specific expertise. Our drafting period has a short time-frame.

    I can clarify any question about this announcement from the Higher Ground Foundation.Thank you for considering this request.

    Blake Gentry (Cherokee)
    Higher Ground Foundation


    Call for Experts: Review of Standards for Indigenous Community Consultation

    The Higher Ground Foundation (HGF) is completing external expert validation of its Vulnerably Reduction Credit (VRC™) Standard Framework that serves as a means of evaluating and crediting climate change adaptation projects. The Higher Ground Foundation’s Framework will give both proposing organizations and potential funders a more standardized approach to considering the expected results of adaptation measures and offers opportunities for a results-based means of financing projects.

    Given the IPCC has recognized indigenous peoples as particularly vulnerable to climate change, standards for engagement with indigenous peoples is also needed. Therefore, the Higher Ground Foundation is launching the Standards for Indigenous Community Consultation initiative – meant to supplement the VRC Framework and take into consideration the specific circumstances and ways indigenous peoples engage internally and with the non-indigenous.

    Climate adaptation projects in indigenous communities will be challenged on several fronts: policy gaps between state planning and indigenous community habitats, supporting indigenous and biological diversity, and accelerated regional climate impacts.

    The Higher Ground Foundation is looking for professionals to voluntarily review, comment, and provide additional inputs to what we anticipate will be an approximately four to seven-page document. Specifically, we are looking for expertise in the following areas:

    1. Indigenous community adaptation to flooding, drought, tropical storms, glacier / ice melt, and or fire.
    2. Regional expertise in development and or climate adaptation with indigenous peoples in Africa, South Asia, East Asia, Latin America, or the Arctic.
    3. International or regional indigenous rights and climate policy.

    If you are interested in contributing to this voluntary effort, please indicate your area of expertise and contact Blake Gentry, Standards Coordinator, at
    For more information on this initiative, please visit:

    The deadline for submission of interest is June 2nd; selection of experts will be completed by June 9th.

    Blake Gentry